Fast Food Employees Have Had ENOUGH Of This Absolutely Hateful Prank…

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Nobody gets paid enough to deal with stuff like this. These fame whore TikTokers should know that it is not funny when you go beyond people’s jobs.

A Taco Bell TikTok prank sparked major backlash online, with users calling the stunt “ridiculous” and “offensive.”

Fast food pranks are commonplace on TikTok. In the past several months, users have gone viral for requesting insane Subway sandwiches, driving continuously through the Burger King drive-thru, and ordering a Chipotle burrito with “everything” on it.

However, many TikTok users seem to think a new prank, from user @liltysie went too far. The TikToker shared two videos to his account, both of which were allegedly filmed during the same trip to Taco Bell.

The TikToker then uploaded the stunt in two parts. In the first video, he waits at the drive-thru menu of a combination KFC/Taco Bell and asks the worker on the other end of the speaker how much it would cost if he ordered every item on both menus.

The worker, clearly fed up, replies, “like, $500 million.” @liltysie then orders a “large ice water.”

The conversation remains tense, and @liltysie eventually just asks for large ice water — which, of course, costs $0.

In his follow-up video, the TikToker drives forward to receive his drink. As the Taco Bell employee hands him his water, he says “I’ve got it,” then, shortly after, loses his grip on the drink.

“Yo, I’m sorry about that. Can I get another one?”, he asks. When the employee tells a co-worker that @liltysie dropped the water, Ty says, “It was his fault, though!”, pointing to the employee subjected to his prank.

Many of the comments on the second video appeared to criticize the prank, with one user writing, “Say you peaked in high school without saying you peaked in high school.”

Another angry user wrote, “So this is what the people who never left their hometowns do for entertainment.”

“Fast food workers are human beings, not free content,” added another.

“This was a lame prank,” another agreed.

“This is so disrespectful,” one user wrote.

“This is why I quit working at fast food,” another added.

“Fast food workers don’t get paid enough for kids to do stuff like this,” another wrote.

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