Exactly How Long This GIANT SPIDER Was In This Woman’s Home Is Absolutely Insane…

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Facing fears may be challenging, but one woman has taken it to a new level by sharing her home with a creature that petrifies millions – a gargantuan spider.

Arachnophobia grips a significant slice of the American populace, with data from the Cleveland Clinic indicating that an estimated three to fifteen percent of individuals harbor a profound dread for these eight-legged beings. Despite this widespread aversion, an audacious woman recently surfaced on social media platforms, narrating her unique cohabitation experience with a spider whose formidable size can only be termed astonishing.

Charlotte, named after the renowned literary spider in ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ has managed to spin her way into the family’s life, comfortably taking up residence without contributing to any household expenses. While some might label her a freeloader, the family views Charlotte as an integral, albeit unusual, member of their domestic realm.

Annette Gray, along with her son Jake, chose to host Charlotte, deciding against evicting her. This decision was largely driven by their Australian roots, where encountering colossal spiders like Charlotte is part and parcel of daily life. They rationalized that displacing Charlotte would merely pave the way for another equally large spider to move in.

While Charlotte’s formidable size might inspire horror, Annette confirmed that the spider was far less terrifying than it appeared. Identified as a Huntsman spider, Charlotte is a common species found across Australia. These arachnids are renowned for their impressive dimensions.

Huntsman spiders are striking creatures, boasting a leg span that can reach up to thirteen centimeters in adults. Although their venom is potent enough to immobilize their preferred prey, it poses minimal threat to humans, making these critters harmless co-inhabitants.

Driven by this understanding of Huntsman spiders, Annette and Jake decided to extend their hospitality to their eight-legged guest. For the past year, they have shared their abode with Charlotte, observing her growth and movements around their house. As Jake shared with The Dodo, “We’ve watched [Charlotte] grow over the last year or so. [She] never bothered us. She moves about the house, pops up room to room, eats all the bugs.”

Charlotte’s leg span, initially considerable, has increased in their care. Now measuring an impressive fifteen centimeters – about six or seven inches across – Charlotte has become a subject of curiosity and fascination. The family decided to share their unconventional living arrangements with the world through the internet.

Reactions to Charlotte’s presence in the Australian household have been varied. While some found the idea of sharing their living space with such a large spider inconceivable, others were charmed by the family’s willingness to coexist with Charlotte.

Some reactions, however, were fueled by sheer terror, with individuals suggesting that Annette burn down her house to eliminate Charlotte. Unfazed by these extreme responses, Annette maintained her respect for Charlotte, possibly a by-product of her Australian upbringing where large spiders are not uncommon.

Responding to the concerns, Annette asserted, “I don’t kill them. [Charlotte’s] harmless.” With this statement, it appears that Charlotte’s residency is secure, underscoring the message that, often, fear is more imagined than real.

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