Democrats Move to Cut Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Election Status, State Simply Not Diverse Enough

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The cause of freedom is hamstrung by an American military machine that prioritizes political correctness over lethality, according to a retired Marine running for Congress.

Retired Col. Mitchell Swan is a Republican candidate for the 10th Congressional District in Georgia.

In a new ad, he highlights the difference between the iron fist of the Russian military and America’s limp state of readiness.

“The biggest European land war since World War II, and where is our military focused? Gender dysphoria and woke training,” Swan says in the video. “This is insane.

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“Putin’s reviewing nuclear options while we assess transgender therapy options,” he said.

Swan indicated that Biden administration, which reversed former President Donald Trump’s policy and opened the military to transgendered individuals, has played a role in harming the armed forces.

“As a retired colonel who led Marines overseas, I know this woke indoctrination will destroy our military, and that’s why I oppose transgenders in our ranks.”

Swan said that if he elected, he will “fight woke policies on every front” if he wins the election.

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Swan said that the destruction of the values that were once an integral part of the military also ruins the armed forces as a fighting machine.

“Compulsory DOD ‘Diversity and Inclusion Training’ has become a tool of LGBTQ supporters to normalize sodomy, sinful behavior and transgender lifestyles throughout our Armed Forces while also waging a culture war on those traditional Christian family values many service members were raised upon,” Swan said in a statement to Fox News.


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