Democrat Leaders Allow Hypocrite Liberals To Kick The Homeless Out Of Shelters In Their Neighborhood

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The Upper West Side of Manhattan is considered “one of the most liberal enclaves in New York and elsewhere in the country.” Residents of the neighborhood are mainly white, liberal, and very wealthy.

In a hotel located in the area, about 300 homeless men were being temporarily housed until the rich people there decided they didn’t like it and decided to have them relocated.

Officials had moved homeless people into hotels across the city in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus instead of keeping them in close quarters in large homeless shelters.

The liberals were outraged that these people without homes were placed in their neighborhood and took to Facebook to complain in a private group called the Upper West Siders for Safer Streets. Commenters claimed that the homeless men harassed pedestrians and would defecate on the street. There were also accusations of drugs being sold out in the open.

Residents of the area banded together and formed a nonprofit, the West Side Community Organization. The group hired a lawyer, the former deputy mayor, Randy Mastro, and threatened to sue the city if their demands were not met.

This nearly caused a liberal civil war in the community because opposing residents accused their neighbors of racism and hypocrisy.

While the homeless were eventually relocated Isaac McGinn, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Social Services, wouldn’t confirm that it was because of the uproar the group caused.

McGinn said in a statement, “As part of our effort to continually review and streamline the footprint of our shelter locations while always ensuring effective provision of services, we’re beginning to relocate individuals from several commercial hotel locations.”

The former deputy mayor applauded the city’s decision saying, “Families, seniors, small business owners, longtime residents, and newcomers united. They were shocked and horrified to see what was happening in broad daylight in their neighborhood, and they wanted to do something about it.”

Helen Rosenthal, the council member that represents the Upper West Side did not agree.

“It’s a sad day when the mere threat of a lawsuit can get city hall to reverse a decision it made,” she said. “What message does this send that groups who can afford to hire high-powered lawyers are the ones who will get their way?”

It’s no surprise that Democrat leaders will bend to those who whine loud enough or have loads of cash.

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