Demi Moore Uploaded Some Photos Of Her In The Bathroom That Has Fans Losing Their Minds….

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Demi Moore has given fans a rare glimpse inside her family home in Idaho – and her bathroom has got them talking.

For starters, there are things you might not know about Demi Moore: She has eight dogs, she’s working on an erotica podcast called Dirty Diana, and she has one of the wildest bathrooms ever seen by the human eye.

In a recent promotion for her new podcast, Demi Moore shared photos of herself at home and offered fans a look at the bizarre bathroom office she’s apparently been working from.

“Excited to finally share what I’ve been working on! First episode of #DirtyDiana drops Monday, July 13. Trailer in bio,” the 57-year-old actress captioned a photo of herself sitting on an old floral couch with a laptop propped up on a rag-covered box, and a toilet visible to the left of her head.

On one side of the toilet, there’s a lone strip of a rock wall and a brown shag carpet appears to cover the entire room. The floral bathroom couch has previously furnished the living room, according to older shots Moore’s posted in lockdown.

The carpeting appears to extend through much of the Hailey, Idaho home, where Moore has been quarantining with her family. Mercifully, the kitchen appears to be free from it.

Behind Moore, a sink and vanity full of beauty products can be seen. Between a stone wall and the cabinets is a toilet that is facing out over the room. In the second picture, a jacuzzi tub with white tiles is more visible with a statue towering above.

Social media users have taken to commenting on the bizarre things that they had noticed.

One user shared, “There is carpeting around the toilet. That is all I can focus on and something in me is screaming.”

Another wrote, “Demi Moore having carpet in the bathroom like a cheap mobile home while also having 9 dogs is going to haunt me forever.”

“The whole set up makes me wince every time I spot something new and even more horrific than the last spot. Fun times,” another echoed the same sentiments.

A Twitter user added, “The placement of the couch in front of the sink/vanity makes me think it might be there to utilize the good lighting for zoom calls, but that doesn’t explain the carpet, why she owns that couch, the joan of arc statue or the skii chalet-style brick.”

Another disturbed user pointed out, “I’ve seen partially carpeted bathrooms before (area around the plumbing is tile and vanity/dressing area is carpeted) and like that’s pretty weird but the couch is truly psycho s**t.”

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