Dana Carvey Stepped In For Jimmy Kimmel And Totally Roasted Joe Biden!

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On Monday, legendary comedian Dana Carvey served as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night TV show— making several fiery jokes at Joe Biden in his monologue.

In light of the criticism Kimmel received for last month’s interview with Biden, which many criticized as being softball-style, Carvey stands in for him as willing to mock Joe Biden with some real comedy.

The former cast member of “Saturday Night Live” warmed everyone up with a brief portrayal of former President George H.W. Bush, which is likely his most well-known skit. He then added some material with extinct characters like the Church Lady and Garth from “Wayne’s World.”

Then Carvey made fun of Biden’s fist bump meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

“A lot of people are mad with President Biden because of the way he greeted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,” the comedian shared.You know Biden called him a ‘Pariah’ and as recently as last month said he wouldn’t even meet with him. But this weekend there they were broing it out.”

Carvey joking about Biden speaking to the crown prince, “‘How’s it hanging? Oh, how’s it hanging under that robe?’”

“Joe got a lot of flak for this, but I think we’re looking at this the wrong way, because if you slow it down and watch it again I think Biden was actually trying to punch MBS,” the Hollywood legend said. “Look. He’s going in for the jab. ‘Yeah, how bout a knuckle sandwich. C’mon! Kadink!’”

Then he also had a dead-on impression of Joe Biden, mocking his usage of the phrase “no joke,” his whispering and yelling, and his general incoherence.

“And he’s always repeating the story, ‘Yeah went to Scranton. Grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. My dad. My dad lost his job. No joke. I’m not kidding around here.’” Carvey said, “No human being in the world thinks that’s a joke. Nobody.”

“And then he would do the number thing,” Carvey explained. “‘Number one, the one part. Number two, what the guy said. Number three, you know the drill.’ No, we don’t.”

“Now what he does is he kind of whispers and then yells,” Carvey said of the president’s now-famous oratory habit. “When he’s like, ‘We know how to get natural gas’ [whispering]. ‘Cause we can get it [shouting].’”

Carvey then mocked Biden by mumbling unintelligibly before arriving at a strangely fitting shout out to “The Pirates of the Caribbean!”

Carvey then made fun of Biden by rambling incoherently before making an oddly appropriate reference to “The Pirates of the Caribbean! ”

Watch it here: Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

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