Cybersecurity Discovers The Terrifying Truth Behind Pipeline Attack

Over the weekend, American cybersecurity experts began to warn of trouble in the fossil fuel sector, after a hacking group took aim at American infrastructure.

The Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gasoline to nearly 50% of the east coast, was hit this week with a ransomware attack that has completely shuttered the operation. This sort of attack creates a secret password, known only to the hackers, that the affected users are asked to buy from the bad guys. Often, these sorts of attacks target critical operating systems, such as government agencies or hospitals, knowing that they are more likely to be paid if their attack could cost lives.

In the case of the Colonial breach, we now have a pretty good idea of who is behind it.

The ransomware group linked to the extortion attempt that has snared fuel deliveries across the U.S. East Coast may be new, but that doesn’t mean its hackers are amateurs.

Who precisely is behind the disruptive intrusion into Colonial Pipeline hasn’t been made officially known and digital attribution can be tricky, especially early on in an investigation. A former U.S. official and two industry sources have told Reuters that the group DarkSide is among the suspects.

Cybersecurity experts who have tracked DarkSide said it appears to be composed of veteran cybercriminals who are focused on squeezing out as much money as they can from their targets.

Darkside is also based in Russia, and seems to avoid hitting any targets within their home country or the old Soviet Bloc nations, which gives the world a pretty good idea of just whose side they are on in terms of international affairs.

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