Cuomo Makes A SHOCKING Statement About COVID Vaccine

Andrew Cuomo hasn’t yet realized that his political career is over, but that epiphany is likely just over the horizon for the New York Governor.

Cuomo stands accused of sexually harassing and/or abusing nearly a dozen women, some of whom have said that the Empire State leader fully groped them.

But, as if this weren’t enough to have the longtime Democratic lawmaker ousted, this news has only come on the heels of another, much more heartbreaking scandal, in which Cuomo had sent COVID-19 patients into the New York State nursing home system, where at-risk elderly folks would soon be decimated by the contagion.

If you thought Cuomo was oblivious to how poorly his career is going, you won’t believe what he had the audacity to say this week.

During a press conference on Monday, Cuomo — who is facing down a nursing home scandal and a cornucopia of sexual harassment allegations — said that the state was targeting the “youthful” and the “doubtful” to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cuomo said that there is “an attitude” among the unvaccinated that they believe “they’ll be fine” and warned that unvaccinated people could have a “lingering consequence” of COVID-19.

The governor then turned heads when he warned New Yorkers that visiting their grandmother before receiving a vaccine could kill them.

“Or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother, and wind up killing your grandmother,” said Cuomo, who initially planned on spending last Thanksgiving with his two daughters and his mother.

The irony would be simply astonishing…if it weren’t so darn sad.

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