Cuomo Goes Over The Top With Pushing The COVID Vaccine

The next big fight that Americans are going to have with one another will almost certainly have to do with the coronavirus vaccine, and just how many of us actually get it.

You see, the Biden administration has hit a wall, with just over half the nation being fully vaccinated, and 70% or so having at least one shot. To get any more folks to commit to inoculation, they’ll need to convince the die-hard anti-vaxxers to have a change of heart.

That’s not likely, at least not if you’re trying to do it nicely.

Perhaps that’s why New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting so heated about it.

“I wear a mask because I care about you. I get a vaccine because I care about you,” Cuomo said, framing compliance to various methods of government coercion as an expression of selflessness.

“We understand that we are all in this together. We understand that as goes one goes all in this city where we all live together and in this state where we all live together,” he continued.

“We have to get back to work. We have to get back to work, and we have to get back to work now, and we have to spread this message or we’re going to spread the virus,” he said before specifically expressing the desire to knock on doors and drive unvaccinated people to get the jab.

And here is where it gets a little too close for comfort:

“And we have to get in those communities, and we have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people, and put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission,” the Democrat mayor said during Monday’s press conference, where he announced the allocation of $15 million from the state’s budget to promote vaccinations […]

Of course, it will be hard for many to Cuomo seriously, seeing as he’s under intense pressure to resign pending a number of salacious and tragic scandals that have emerged over the last several years.

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