Cuomo Caught Making Inappropriate Remark To A Woman In Public

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For a while there, we thought that maybe Andrew Cuomo just had a really bad PR person. Perhaps he had hired someone on account of an owed favor, or worse, maybe he accidentally hired family.

Regardless of the reality of the situation, the New York Governor’s response to the snowballing sexual harassment sandal engulfing his office has been abysmal, with a number of not-so-subtle reminders of just what a creep the guy truly is.

This week was no exception.

Cuomo addressed the media Monday morning alongside a virtual appearance by Rev. Al Sharpton, encouraging New Yorkers to get vaccinated and urging more houses of worship to open up as coronavirus vaccination sites. On his way out, he received a vote of confidence from a woman waiting outside.

“I love you and you better stay where you are, we’ve got your back,” the woman called out as the governor entered a car.

Cuomo smiled, pulled down his mask and asked if the woman had been vaccinated yet.

Here is where things get weird…

“I love you,” she shouted again. “We love you, we need you at the finish line, you better stay.”

“OK, I’m not going anywhere, darling,” Cuomo responded before departing.

Cuomo’s mounting scandals have been incredibly dense in their frequency, presenting plenty of opportunities for the Governor’s Democratic Detractors to get their licks in.

Now, despite the rapidly deteriorating situation, Cuomo remains indignant to the possibility of resigning.

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