CNN Makes Outrageous Assertion About Popular Anti-Biden Chant

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Thanks to the rapid-fire escalation of the ever-more-present mainstream media, American political arguments have a habit of reaching some hyperbolic end tragic end long before they’ve even become useful.

For example, the fact that any political mismatch will see one of the participants compared to Adolph Hitler in the end, like clockwork, as the left and the right race to see who can make the biggest splash first.

This week was no exception after a CNN contributor suggested that the tongue-in-cheek phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is somehow of equal hateful importance as anything that the Nazis or ISIS has employed.

Liberal CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart managed to compare the anti-Biden rallying cry “Let’s Go Brandon” to coded rhetoric from Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and ISIS in one tweet as corporate media continued its meltdown over the chant.

Lockhart, a former Clinton press secretary, tweeted Monday, “You know who also had coded statements like Brandon? ISIS, the Klan, Nazi’s…beginning to get the point?”

The incredibly befuddling statement came just days after Southwest Airlines worked to admonish polite who had used the phrase over his aircraft’s public address system.

The chant came after an NCAA football commentator suggested that fans had been chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” at games instead of “F*** Joe Biden.

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