Civil Rights Attorney Explains The Hypocrisy Of The Democratic Party

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It’s good to see that people from the liberal community and the black community are coming together to stand up against the oppression that comes from the Democratic Party.

The Democrat’s whole plan is to keep people dependant and not able to break the cycle and rise up on their own. Yet they say Republicans are the reason these people are struggling in life.

If they would just be honest with themselves and look at what really needs fixing they would realize what it really means to have Democratic leadership because right now they don’t have it at all.

Leo Terrell is a civil rights attorney who gave on buying into the lies that the Democrats have been selling.

Terrell said:

“This is why I stopped drinking the Democrat Kool-Aid. I can’t take this hypocrisy anymore. It’s ridiculous.”

“[Former U.S. senator from Georgia] Richard Russell from the south was against integration. He was opposed to anti-lynching bills. That’s what bothers me about this whole thing, that Democrats, just because of the D in their name, they could be a racist.”

“That statement by Joe Biden is so offensive and then you get Spike Lee out there and say, ‘It’s okay.’ That’s offensive. If any Republican said the same thing they would be in trouble, big trouble.”

“Joe Biden gave us the crime bill in 1994. President Trump gave us the First Step. The bottom line is this: I don’t need the Democrats to insult me or try to placate me with African garb, Nancy Pelosi. Pass some laws. Pass some reforms. Show me something other than some kind of condescending act just because you’re a Democrat. That doesn’t follow anymore.”

Terrell later made a plea, “I’m asking every Democrat, do your research… you have to leave the Democratic Party — get out of there!”

He then added, “Don’t let the Democratic Party trick you — please!”

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