Catholic Teacher Claims Popular Online Platform “Sparked” Her Bisexual Awakening

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A Catholic-raised teacher claims that making the switch from teaching to stripping off on OnlyFans was her ‘bisexual awakening.’

Courtney Tillia was once a teacher for autistic children but now has almost 25,000 subscribers across her three channels on OnlyFans.

Her popularity sees her rake in anywhere from $50k to $100k a month creating explicit content with her partner and now other women.

The 36-year-old mum from LA took up her new lifestyle during the pandemic and became a huge OnlyFans star in the 0.1% of creators.

But now the American beauty has revealed that OnlyFans has also helped her discover her true sexuality after being raised to believe that part of her was wrong.

Tillia told the Daily Star: “I was traumatized by religion. But, Onlyfans has been a great catalyst for me to heal my religious trauma and release the judgment and shame so that who I really am could come forward.

“I had so much judgment and shame around my body, my expression, wanting and getting attention, loving sex, and even my orientation! Religion shut me down, and OnlyFans cracked me wide open.

“Being on Onlyfans has required me to face my trauma and look at all of the parts and truths about me that had been suppressed and hidden. I’m so thankful for who it has allowed me to become.


“When you’re creating sexy content and considering collaborating with other girls for the platform, it creates a lot of internal conflict between what feels so good and natural and what you were conditioned with by religion and society in general.”

Courtney now describes her life as ‘great’ as she offers content made with her husband and other female creators.

She claims her husband has been supportive of her coming out and has helped her overcome the challenges her upbringing posed for her.

She added: “My husband was the first one to ask me if I was bi or more fluid in my orientation than I had allowed myself to acknowledge.

“He was there to help me process and understand myself better from when I first let myself consider it all the way to owning it and coming out.

“Coming out as bisexual, and going through the whole process of that, has only brought my husband and me closer together.

“Now that I know myself and am connected to myself more than ever before, my husband is able to connect with me at depths we never imagined. It’s taken every part of our relationship to the next level.

“He encourages and celebrates me in everything, but has been a huge advocate for me exploring and even acting on my feelings toward women.”

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