BUSTED: Chris Cuomo Caught In Yet ANOTHER HUGE LIE! [Video clip]

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Chris Cuomo was decked out like a genuine reporter doing a record on the battle in Ukraine. Yet, simply 1 day later, he was spotted in the Hamptons. Noe, it is feasible to go from Ukraine in a day and be back in the Hamptons, yet if I needed to wager, the closest he reached Ukraine was Montauk Point. He is stating that he is rebranding himself as a freelance. I presume he is searching for a work that he never might discover,

This video is a tip of the moment MSNBC hack Malcolm Nance putting on a safety helmet as well as declaring he was combating along with Ukrainian soldiers fighting the Russian intruders. It is silly to think of a Democrat being a battle hero. Look at the history. name a prominent Democratic general. Yet, it is easy to name Republican heroes. In the Civil War, there were 3 major generals that won the war. Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan. All Republicans from Ohio. In WWI there was Pershing and in WWII you had Eisenhower, Patton, as well as Bradley.

Now, we have the courageous Chris Cuomo.

Daily Mail reportstoday that Cuomo was spotted in the Hamptons the other day, someday after releasing his records from Ukraine.

Former CNNanchor Chris Cuomo was found out in the Hamptons just a day after he seemed reporting online from Ukraine while rebranding himself as a ‘free agent’ in an effort to refurbish his profession.

Cuomo looked kicked back in an informal tee and also ball cap as he walked around Droop Harbor, New York on Tuesday with actor Gregg Bello, a pal that has actually sustained the ousted support since his December 4 firing from CNN.

Cuomo, 51, introduced on InstagramMonday that he was rebranding himself as a ‘free agent’ and also shared video clips of his reporting from Ukraine while plugging product– consisting of a ‘Free Agent’ t-shirt that his buddy Bello was seen enduring Tuesday.


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