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Mike Lindell Ambushed, Assaulted By Thugs

Liberal Derangement

ICYMI| Mike Lindell has become the face of effort to expose discrepancies, and according to Mr. MyPillow and his team, ‘FRAUD’ in the 2020 presidential election.

If I had told you 4 years ago that ‘The Pillow Guy’ from those over the top informercials (and every other commercial on Fox News) was going to be one of the leaders in American politics you would have had me committed.

Well, in modern American politics literally ANYTHING can happen, and does more often than not, or so it seems.

With the American political landscape so full of grifters and hustlers, it is nearly impossible to know who you can trust and who is trying to get one over on you.  I pray that Mike has picked the right people to trust, as he has put his pillow empire on the line, and that’s not all.

In a way the entire idea that elections in this country are no longer on the up and up rests in Lindell’s hands.  Because of this he has become a target.  Mike is not just a target of the hacks in the media and the cancel culture cucks, but also physical bullies.

Just like in 1930’s Germany, anyone who speaks out against the ruling regime is met with violence …

Jordan Conradson at The Gateway Pundit explains:

Last night, Mike Lindell was attacked after his cyber symposium event.

RSBN Tweeted:

BREAKING: Lindell was violently
attacked last night

He is speaking now, “I’m okay but it hurts” he says.

Mike Lindell is a true patriot! Pray for Mike  Stay tuned for updates

RSBN Reports:

No matter what you think of Mike Lindell, no one deserves to be physically assaulted for bringing information to light.  We too are praying for Mike and everyone in America’s safety, no matter what their politics are.

52 thoughts on “Mike Lindell Ambushed, Assaulted By Thugs

  1. The only ambush on Lindell is by his own lying fantasy words that Biden/Harris will resign tomorrow and Trump will be inaugurated. Boohoo–not.

    1. You are a  Sick bunch of Dogs, and will pay by God’s Judgement.  YOu are BLIND AND WILLFULLY IGNORANT!!!


    2. Lemoine, you are a lowlife, brainwashed piece of common SHYT!  remove your head from your ass you marxist bastard!!!imho

    3. Do I believe Trump will be reinstated?  No!  Do I believe Biden won the election? Absolutely no.  But having read the UN Agendas, the Codex Alimentarius, & the Bible, I have a pretty fair handle on what is coming down the pike… both what the left intends, & what WILL occur!  What the left rejects outright & the right rrally doesn’t yet recognize is that, above ALL, Yhwh God is STILL fully in control, & what’s coming was written 2K & more yrs ago, & will occur as written, just as it has been doing…  It was Yhwh God Who removed Trump from office here (& Netanyahu in Israel), not the cheating, lying left who THINK they pulled a fast 1 on us, & Him.  He put Trump in office here, for His purpose, a test of America (we FLINKED spectacularly, BTW), & took him out when His purpose was achieved.  He put 2 hawks in place in Israel & Iran, because 1of the next events in God’s timetable is a world war centered in that region, probably the means by which He will usher in full implementation of the NWO/1 world gov’t, as well as introductionof the Man of Perdition!  Before, or during that war, however, the left’s favorite scapegoat will vanish from their grasp.  We have a wedding feast to attend, so y’all have a blast down here, while we’re away…  we’ll be back, right on time for the finale!

      1. Sounds like you are speaking about the Exit Resurrection and the Tribulation. We don’t know how soon but it looks like it could be soon. Be prepared, grow spiritually through His Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  2. When one receives this type of flak, beyond any and all shadows of doubt, you are right over the target area!

  3. Hummm, sounds like typical Leftist tactics to me.
    Scream at ’em.
    Sue ’em.
    Dox ’em.
    Try to ruin their business and if that doesn’t work, beat ’em up.
    The next thing we know he has been “disappeared”.

  4. I pray Mike Lindell is alright; he’s truly a great Patriot.  Anyone who attacked him is a commie America-hater, either knowingly or by default.  All you commies out there who are against our Constitutional rights will get yours soon enough.
    I just watched an interview with Gene Simmons saying everyone should get vaxxed.  He may be artistic but he’s still an idiot.  He actually believes the Vaccination helps people; doesn’t know our Govt is part of a global effort to destroy America and kill its citizens.  Govt is at war against us and the Vax is a bioweapon, like it or not.  75% or more of the Virus hospital patients are there because of the so-called Vaccination.  Do you understand that it’s the vaccination that is hospitalizing and killing us? Get real news. Wake up fools.

    1. We have some VERY WEALTHY conservatives in this country..they need to get together and start a pool of ‘BOUNTY MONEY’ for everyone of the marxist bastards killed!  FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE…!imo

      1. Same ideology, different uniform!  Leftists are fascists, for all they keep trying to lay that on conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, & they are Marxist fascists now.  They took the veryworst of Naziism & Communism à la USSR, ” married” those into 1 poisoned ideology & voilà: globalists!

  5. It’s not about Lindell. It’s about silencing the next 100 Americans who will be scared to ask questions.

  6. Mike was not in NYC or Maryland or Massachusetts.  Why didn’t he shoot them ?   Get well soon, Mike .

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  8. Violence from lefties is part of their m.o. They have no retort to the truth & common sense so they resort to this. That said, Mike is an intelligent man. PLEASE don’t go anywhere without armed guards. Hopefully he will now.


  10. Elections have not been “on the up & up”, at any time in my life, & indeed well before I came along, indeed even my oldest grandparent was a long way from being a twinkle!  Fraud has been an uninterrupted part of our elections since the 1870s, at the very least, & exactly NOTHING has been done about it’ til now, when it’s far too late to resolve.
    That Lindell was attacked & beaten is no surprise, he’s rocking the left’s boat, & ALL gov’t agencies are in their total control!  We are so nearly in the NWO now it’d be funny, if it wasn’t so depressing!

    1. Hired goons from the left… this only shows deep desperation and panic mode. Their house is crashing down around them and they know it. Thanks to Mike… He needs protection.

  11. Are there no armed people willing to guard him and kill the sons of bitches that would do this?? The executions of these marxist bastards HAS TO START RIGHT AWAY if we are to save America imo!

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  13. Shame on those who attacked a fellow patriot just because they dont agree of what hes trying to expose.! es, we’re regressing to Nazi Germany. Those are thugs and bullys. Shame on them. GOD BLESS MIKE LINDELL!  PROTECT HIM JESUS!

  14. 🗣WTF if ever there was a sign of the times this should be it, apparently the Liberal Establishment DeMONcRAPs, RINOs, Social Media & Biased MSM Assholes are doing everything they can to keep any and all of this “REAL SOLID EVIDENCE” OF “THE ELECTION FRAUD COUP AGAINST DJT” off the Public Sphere as much as possible because anyone with half a brain can see and understand what really happens the problem is most of those involved are already in power throughout the Government so from my perspective no one will ever be HELD ACCOUNTABLE and that is a sad state of affairs for the Country!🤔💭🏁

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  16. Mike has got to know, the anti-American, democrat forces will stop at nothing the succeed in their effort to hide th truth. He needs the best security he an get. 

  17. The right to carry ANYWHERE in the country should be upheld by the Supreme Court. It should affirm just what the Framers intended, that NO government juirisdiction has the right to infringe on the right of law abiding mentally fit citizens owning, carrying, and using weapons. I’d dare say that applies to FULLY automatic weapons.

  18. This was completely planned by the NAZI Left Party. He was is one of the reddest States there is and he should have been carrying and he always should. You have very right to protect yourself from anyone threatening you. And once they touch you you have very right to come back at them with all the bullets you have. I would never even arrest a person for protecting themselves. He is lucky he is not dead himself. And that is the way we all have to look at this kind of stuff from now on. You come after me and touch me in any way you will be shot at least 15 times and I will probably put in a second clip just to make sure. NO ONE has the right to touch any person in any way that could harm they. Just like that P.O.S. Balck guy that slugged that WHITE woman on the Train Last week. HE should be DEAD in Dumpster now. “Let’s Go THUGS” Come try that in TEXAS  we almost all carry now. I have had it with this Government protecting ANTIFA and BLM but you Bastards still have the 1/6 protesters locked up on complete BULLSHIT Charges. We have to remember D.C. is just a little spec of this country and they have completely over stepped their welcome. This government is stealing our money daily and not protecting this country or We the People at all. They want all this Kaos so we do not see what they are doing. But God Does.

  19. Mike I will be your body Guard and know one will do this again. Hope they catch these guys and put them Under the Dumpster. That is all they deserve. This is going to keep happening unless we the People fight back to win. These guys were brought by the Communist / Nazi /DemocRAT Party. This is who our government is now. They are just like the China Communist Party and they will KILL to win. The Clintons have been doing it for years. The Left will keep coming after us one at a time. They have divided us and now they have a lot of Thugs on their side. So just watch they are coming to your Theater soon.

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