BOMBSHELL Allegation: This Young Hollywood Star Was Almost Lured Into The Claw’s Of Ghislaine Maxwell

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This disturbing new allegation is just the latest in the growing list of negative assertions that have been made against Ghislaine Maxwell.

New York Times journalist, Christopher Mason has known Maxwell since the 1980s. Mason says he knew of Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship and said friends found in “puzzling.”

“The rumors were that Ghislaine was scouring New York finding younger girls to go on dates with Jeffrey. At the time it seemed a bit naughty,” Mason recalls.

In the new Lifetime docu-series, ‘Surviving Jeffery Epstein’ Maxwell says it was around the year 2000 when a Maxwell spotted a young Paris Hilton at a party.

“A friend of mine was at a party,” said Mason, “and Ghislaine said: ‘Oh my god, who is that?’ and was looking at this pretty, younger teenage girl. She said: ‘Do you know her?’

Paris was only 19-years old at the time.

Mason continues, “My friend said: ‘Yeah, she’s called Paris Hilton’ and Ghislaine said: ‘Ohhhh she’d be perfect for Jeffrey. Can you introduce us?’”

Maxwell’s lust for the hotel heiress occurred before her stardom as a reality TV star. Hilton did a photoshoot for the fashion magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ to which the photographer stated, “Paris had a charisma back then that you couldn’t take your eyes off. She would giggle and laugh and be effervescent and take up a room.”

The relationship between Maxwell and Epstein has been called “mutually parasitic.” Virginia Roberts Giuffre said that they were both “exhausting.”

Giuffre says on the television series, “One minute we were watching Sex & The City and the next minute Ghislaine is telling us to strip down and perform sexual acts on Jeffery Epstein or Ghislaine or both. She was just as exhausting as he was.”

Maxwell is currently being held in a Brooklyn jail charged with perjury and accused of being in charge of recruiting young girls for Jeffery Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges and denies any involvement with Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

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