Biden Has Already Lost The 2020 Election

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When it comes to the Democratic presidential candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden appears to be at the top of all the polls, aside from a few swing states. The MSM makes it seem like he could be facing off against Trump in the 2020 election. But looks can be deceiving. According to Political Analyst Ron Meyer, Biden has already lost the race.

Meyer says in states where Biden is ahead he really only hold small leads, leaving candidates like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to pick up the remaining delegates there.

“If you look at Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they’re right behind him in most of these states or beating him in [Iowa and New Hampshire]. So when you add up the two socialist candidates versus the one moderate candidate, they overtake him,” Meyer said. “And so as these delegates amass, you’re going to see basically the left-wing of the party is going to have more delegates at the end of the day. So when Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren drops out, those delegates will consolidate behind one candidate that’s not Joe Biden, and that spells trouble for him.

He concluded with “I think he’s cooked.”

This leaves us wondering why the MSM hasn’t picked up on this. Could it be due to their anti-Sanders bias? Sanders is only a few points behind Biden and yet the MSM barely covers him at all. This means if Warren happens to drop out of the race it would give Sanders the votes he needs to win the primary. Could it be the Mainstream Media knows something we don’t? This should be the biggest story all over the MSM as it is a pretty plausible outcome. Perhaps they are just being cautious as the DNC has already changed the outcome of a race against Sanders once before.

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