Biden Administration Will Not Deport Criminal Illegal Immigrants

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Why on earth do liberals want to give criminals added protections that Americans do not get? Shouldn’t they be treated justly and according to the same standards as everyone else? Then why is this not the case?

When you break the law, you should have to pay the consequences for those actions. Now I don’t always agree with the way our criminal justice system is set up – it has its flaws for sure – but if you break the law, you should be penalized for it and it should be done according to the current laws of our country.

So if you come over to the United States illegally, what should happen? Well, it should be a no-brainer if you ask me. You should be sent back to wherever it is that you came from before entering the United States.

This is only consistent and it’s what we do with everything else right? If you trespass on someone’s property, you are removed from that property.

So deporting them only makes sense because they’re actually committing a crime. On top of that, there are some who we seem to just turn a blind eye towards if they’re doing what they’re supposed to be as far as contributing to society.

But now the Biden administration is not even wanting to get rid of the harder criminals that come to the country and commit other crimes while here.

On Monday, the White House confirmed that those who are convicted of rap, assault, DUI or drug charges will not be deported either.

According to the Washington Post,

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is preparing to issue new guidelines to agents this week that could sharply curb arrests and deportations, as the Biden administration attempts to assert more control over an agency afforded wide latitude under President Donald Trump, according to internal memos and emails obtained by The Washington Post.

“Generally, these convictions would not include drug based crimes (less serious offenses), simple assault, DUI, money laundering, property crimes, fraud, tax crimes, solicitation, or charges without convictions,” acting director Tae Johnson told senior officials in a Thursday email advising them on how to operate while new guidelines are finalized.

The Biden administration is attempting to reorient ICE, a law enforcement agency that has seen its priorities swing wildly from one administration to the next. But frustrated ICE officials say the proposed changes will take away agents’ discretion and severely constrain their ability to arrest and deport criminals.

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