Bernie Sanders Has A Weakness That Could Bring Him Down On Super Tuesday

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Bernie Sanders has a lot of momentum in the presidential primary race. However, a top Republican pollster says there is one major factor on Super Tuesday that could stop him dead in his tracks: Southern states.

Whit Ayres of Fox Nation’s “What Are The Odds?” said, “It does help to remember, if you’re thinking about Bernie Sanders, that fully half of the Super Tuesday states and over 600 Democratic delegates are going to come from Southern states.”

He also adds, “Bernie Sanders did not do well in the South against Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

In the South Carolina primary former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blew Sanders out of the water in the South Carolina primary, beating him by nearly 50 percentage points.

Just last week, former Vice President Joe Biden carried the 2020 South Carolina primary by nearly 30 percentage points. Sanders, in a field of candidates that was larger than 2016, captured less than 20 percent of the vote in the Palmetto State.

According to Ayers, that trend may continue for Sanders in the South, even after Super Tuesday. Ayers said, “There are some polls in Florida that show Bloomberg with three times as much support as Sanders,” referencing the primary on March 17th in the Sunshine State just two weeks after Super Tuesday.

Kristen Soltis Anderson, Fox Nation host and Fox News contributor asked Ayers, “Which states on Super Tuesday are you watching?”

Ayers responded, “Obviously, you watch the big states like California and Texas,” but the cautioned political observers to keep in mind that state delegates in the Democratic presidential primary are apportioned by congressional district, and not solely by that state’s overall winner.

It will be very interesting to see how Bernie Sanders does on Super Tuesday after dealing with the Southern states.

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