AWESOME! Conservative Calls Out CNN Anchor On Trash Talking Trump

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Paris Dennard will call you out! And this time he’s calling out CNN’s Paul Begala for talking trash of POTUS Trump.

“Paul … listen. I did not like probably 98 percent to 99 percent of the things President Obama did, but I would never call him ‘Obama’ and I would never call him a ‘moral midget’ or a ‘needy little baby,'” he said. “As you sit here with your platform and attack the President with these deplorable sayings … you have to have some type of honesty about how you are talking about the President.”

“You respect the office not the man… but he is letting me down”

One more just for fun…

Here’s Dennard again being interviewed with Chris Cuomo. Dennard being the pro-Trump guest. They also brought on an anti-Trump guest. Dennard said things Blow didn’t agree with. After a heated back and forth discussion, Blow finally exploded at Cuomo, saying CNN was committing “media malpractice” for letting Dennard come on the show.

EPIC! Black Conservative Calls Out CNN Anchor On Trash Talking Trump (Video)

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