As Soon As She Saw The Tip She Got, This Waitress Almost Fell Over…

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A Tennessee Waffle House server was looking for a little extra money so she could take her family on vacation. She served a young man and his friend, and when they chose to provide some help, she felt “sick to her stomach.”

In the charming town of Kingsport, Tennessee, there was a young waitress named Lauren Ball. The 21-year-old single mother worked tirelessly at the local Waffle House to provide for her 2-year-old son. Lauren had recently celebrated her son’s birthday and had planned a vacation to Florida with her father. Her finances were stretched thin, and she felt the weight of her responsibilities upon her shoulders.

One fateful day, as Lauren was finishing her shift at the Waffle House, a pair of customers walked in. Little did she know that their presence would change her life. They sat at one of her tables, chatting and enjoying their meals. When it was time to leave, they asked Lauren for the check, promising a generous tip. Skeptical, she handed them the bill.

As she picked up the check from the table, Lauren’s eyes widened in disbelief. There, written on the receipt, was a tip for an astounding $600. Emotions swirled within her – shock, disbelief, gratitude, and a touch of anxiety. She felt “sick to her stomach,” as she later told WJHL, but in the best possible way.

With tears in her eyes, Lauren approached the customers and thanked them profusely for their kindness. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she hugged the man who left the tip and called him an angel. The man responded humbly, saying he simply liked to do things for nice people.

Word of the incredible tip spread through the Waffle House like wildfire. A cook ran out to confront the man, seeking confirmation that the tip was genuine. The customer assured him it was real and expressed his desire for Lauren to use the money to support her growing family.

Inspired by this unexpected act of kindness, Lauren vowed to pay it forward. She recognized the profound impact that even small acts of generosity could have on those in need. Lauren’s heart swelled with appreciation, and she hoped to one day bless someone else in a similar way.

For now, Lauren reveled in the kindness of these strangers who had changed her life. “I’m still in shock; I’m still grateful,” she said, wiping away tears. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the power of kindness and its lasting effect on people’s lives.

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The experience of Lauren Ball serves as proof of the value of doing good deeds for others. Her experience shines a light on the kindness that lives within us all in a world that is frequently shrouded by adversity. It reminds us that no matter how insignificant our acts may seem, we should always consider their potential consequences.

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