AOC’s Fashion Choices Get Her More Than Just A Slap On The Wrist

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When it comes to holding our elected officials accountable for their less-than-savory behavior, the options available to the American people are limited. Most often, the only punishment that these congressional cretins face comes at the ballot box, and, as well all know, elections aren’t the most foolproof way of taking stock of the nation’s angst.

But this week, a rare bit of comeuppance has arrived for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young Democratic public servant who attended the $30,000 per ticket Met Gala in a dress that ironically reads “Tax The Rich”.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a conservative watchdog group, has filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., over her attendance at the lavish Met Gala in New York City Monday night.

Ocasio-Cortez sparked a social media firestorm after she wore a white dress with the slogan “tax the rich” at the star-studded event, where tickets go for at least $30,000 each.

The congresswoman responded to critics “flying off the handle” over her attendance, explaining in a tweet that “New York elected officials are routinely invited to and attend the Met due to our responsibilities in overseeing and supporting the city’s cultural institutions for the public. I was one of several in attendance in this evening.”

A spokesperson for the Met said Ocasio-Cortez was a “guest of the museum.”

The complaint demands that an investigation be immediately opened to determine whether or not AOC’s attendance was an “impermissible gift” to the Congresswoman, and what actions should be taken against her if so.

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