Angry Bees Terrorize Town And Leave One Person Dead

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While it may be a morbid thought, it’s one that each and every one of us can share in the misery of having asked ourselves: When our times come, what’s the worst way to go?

For many, it’s drowning. Scenes like you’d see in the movie The Abyss, in which one of the main characters is unable to escape a small capsule in a vessel on the bottom of the ocean floor as it slowly fills with water, is the ultimate in uneasiness.

For others, the least comfortable would be tied to a completely different elemental force: Fire. Being consumed by the unbearable heat of your own body combusting, gasping at the superheated air around your face…it’s just a little too gruesome for some to consider.

And while these are certainly the big two, we’d have to consider that being done in by a swarm of bees probably ranks pretty high up on the list.

Firefighters in Texas say that bees living inside a tree repeatedly attacked two people, resulting in one person’s death and hospitalizing the other.

Calvin Chaney of the Breckenridge Fire Department said in a Facebook post that the attack took place Monday afternoon at a home in Stephens County, near Hubbard Creek Lake, about 100 miles west of Fort Worth.

When firefighters arrived they “were met with very aggressive bee activity” and had to fight through a swarm to get into the house. One person was in cardiac arrest after being stung multiple times.

The other person was dressed in the protective clothing of the firefighters and escorted quickly out of the home.

While there had yet to be any confirmation, it is believed that Africanized “killer” bees were likely responsible given the prevalence of such attacks in Texas.

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