Adam Schiff Must Be Out Of His Mind To Make A Claim Like This Against President Trump

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House Rep. Adam Schiff never passes up an opportunity to take a shot at President Donald Trump, and during this election mess we’re experiencing, the House Intel Chair is taking his criticisms to the extreme.

With President Trump continuing to fight the 2020 election results claiming widespread fraud, Schiff’s claims are getting out of control. He is now saying that the President may not be far off from calling for a military coup.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC Schiff responded to a question about former national security adviser Michael Flynn calling for Trump to invoke martial law:

Schiff said, “I have to say, I shutter every time I see Michael Flynn to think that that man was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. What he’s just saying is perfectly normal, perfectly ordinary, done 60-some odd times in history is a military coup. That’s what he’s talking about. I’ve resisted using the word coup to describe these efforts by Trump to make these bogus lawsuits and make these bogus claims, but what Flynn’s talking about a military coup. That may have done 60 times in history, but it’s been done by dictators around the world, not in the United States.”

He added, “Could the president do it? I don’t think the people around the president are going to go along with it. It would fail. But it would be such an additional destructive blow to our democracy. The fact that they’re entertaining this is so beyond the pale. But, again, this is a man who has no moral compass. He will do the length and breadth of what people let him get away with. Sadly, he’s had all too many enablers in his own administration and the Republicans in Congress, and that’s what even breeds this kind of reckless talk.”

This sort of dictator talk has been around for some time, as the liberal left has tried to paint Trump as some sort of “king in the making”.  It’s no surprise to see Schiff make such accusations, but it certainly is unbecoming.,

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