A Woman He Didn’t Know Ran Up And Kissed Him, Then He Looked Down And….

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Now that international borders have opened up and people are starting to travel to their favorite destinations again, this would be a great time for a friendly reminder to look out for pickpockets and sticky fingers.

In this situation, do avoid seemingly drunk, random strangers who approach you for hugs, even if they’re pretty girls when you’re opting to visit popular party spots. Unlike you wanted to experience the same as what the 25-year-old experienced when he travel to Bangkok, Thailand. He was having a good time with his life when something unexpected happens.

Frederik de Vreese, who is from Belgium took to his YouTube channel, PrimeTimeThai, to showcase how his gold chain was taken in a mere 10 seconds when a woman clumsily approached him for a hug. He was recording a video to highlight the nightlife in Bangkok, Thailand’s Sukhumvit Road, at the moment.

He called the robber a “ladyboy,” a word often used in Thailand to refer to trans women.

The Sukhumvit Road neighborhood is well-liked by foreign visitors and expats who live in Bangkok, and it also contains a number of red-light districts.

De Vreese was filming a vlog on the street when a woman approached him and hugged him, as seen in the footage he shared. She offered him sex as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Where you go, honey? I go to your room, I go f*** you,” the woman had whispered.

Only upon reviewing the footage later did he notice that his gold chain had been taken

De Vreese continued to smile at the camera after the hug, seemingly unaware that his gold chain had been stolen. It wasn’t until he watched the video again that he realized that the 10-second incident involved the theft of the gold chain from around his neck.

De Vreese nonetheless informed the Thai police that his gold chain had been stolen. Evidently, the jewelry held significant value for him personally and had been handed down in his family.

“The chain belonged to my grandfather, it was in the family for many years. I think it was worth around 800 Euros (RM3,728.51). I’m devastated. It had a lot of sentimental value,” he said.

De Vreese, who believes the girl was part of a gang of scammers, has since made a police report on the incident.

 “I think the thief was part of a gang. She had a very distinctive tattoo so I hope that people can help to track her down,” he added.

The Thai police questioned De Vreese extensively about his relationship with the person who stole his gold necklace. Before she kissed him, he said that he had never met her.

The woman is currently wanted by Thai police, who will accuse her of “stealing by stealth at night” if they find her. Crimes that are done at night are thought to carry worse punishments than those that are committed during the day.

“Officers at Lumphini Police Station are now checking CCTV cameras at the scene to speed up the identification of the perpetrators to prosecute them as soon as possible,” a Bangkok police spokesperson said.

Watch the video below for more details:

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