A Toddler Called 911, And Immediately The Cops Took The Child Into….

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Most people go years without calling the police or having the need to dial 911. In my case, I don’t recall calling one either, however, our featured story for today is a quite bizarre turn of events.

A toddler calls 911 for a dramatic reason. And when the police arrived, they cannot believe their eyes. They’re horrified that a little three-year-old toddler was put into a situation where she needed to call for help to feel safe. But that’s what happened because the girl’s parents had left her alone with another baby. And because she was a “big girl,” they expected her at three years old to take care of the infant. Thankfully the girl did the right thing and called for help.

Despite the girl’s barely audible call, responding detectives were able to locate the home she’d called from (while managing to keep the girl on the line for eight minutes) only to find an aggressive dog and a shotgun within reach of the two toddler children.

Now, the irresponsible mother, 31-year-old Yajaira Tirado Oak Hill, Florida mother has been arrested after her 3-year-old daughter Tuesday morning called 911 to say she’d been left alone by her mother along with her brother.

Upon arriving, an arrest affidavit noted the children’s mother was nowhere to be found, with the children surrounded by filth. Officers observed both children wearing dirty diapers, with dog feces on the floor.

One dog was running loose in the home, and two others were penned up in cages in the kitchen.

A shotgun and ammunition were also out, within reach of the children. Authorities added that there was hardly any food in the refrigerator.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported the children’s 26-year-old mother being arrested later that morning on two counts of child neglect. Tirado told cops she left the children alone while she had coffee with a man in another section of their mobile home park.

An incident report filed by Volusia County Sheriff’s Department deputies said they found the little girl looking out the window, still on the telephone. The little boy was in a playpen.

During questioning, Tirado said she had last checked on the children at 8.50 am Eastern. The mother said she saw the children were sleeping, so she left for coffee with a friend.

But a neighbor reportedly told law enforcement that Tirado left the trailer on a golf cart at 7.30 am.

It was two hours later when deputies located Tirado.

Tirado has since bonded out of jail, but records don’t list a lawyer for her. The children were turned over to their father.

Watch the video below for more details:

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