A Photo Could Prove That Bill And Hillary Are Over

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady Hillary Clinton have made it through thick and thin and recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.

With everything the couple has been through it seemed like they would be together no matter what but according to a gossip magazine, they could be heading for a messy divorce.

A "renowned body language expert" examined a photo of the couple as they were casting their electoral college votes last month. The expert said, "Looking at the two of them, you would not know they are a couple because of the way their hands are positioned... There is a lot of space between them. There is not that connectiveness like a husband and wife who are adjoined to one another."

The writer of the article claims that it is the former president's association with Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell that have pushed the couple apart. Several sources are called upon the make this case.

"[Bill] and Ghislaine were getting it on," said one source. "That's why he was around Epstein - to be with her."

Another source takes a different approach saying, "Ghislaine is toxic! She's associated with the abuse of young girls. That's not the kind of thing the women who support Hillary would tolerate - and Bill and Hillary don't need each other anymore."

An "insider" for the outlet says the couple's daughter, Chelsea, is taking her mother's side.

"Chelsea has been begging Hillary for years to accept Bill will never change," claimed the insider. "The word among Chelsea's friends is she's been telling a divorce would, at the very least, save some face."

Yet another "insider" said it is Monica Lewinsky who is to blame and ever since the scandal, Hillary has had one foot out the door.

"It isn't about love, it's about protecting her brand. In her case, that means feminism and identity politics," the insider explained adding that divorce maybe Hillary's only option and that "as long as her husband's past is in the news, [protecting her brand is] not possible. A split may be the only way to insulate against that."

The Monica Lewinsky scandal happened over 20 years ago so if there were any leftover resentments they surely would have come out by now. However, with the Epstein/ Maxwell case in the headlines recently some old emotions may have been brought to the surface.

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