A Familiar Face Is Spotted Among Protesters Storming The Capitol

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Wednesday’s events were chaotic, to say the least. It started out as a protest against the certification of the election results but soon the crowd became antsy and decided they were tired of politicians sitting comfy making decisions that affect us all. The protesters stormed the Capitol Building and nearly made it all the way to the Senate floor but were stopped by lawmakers barricading the doors and pointing their guns.

With all the bodies pushing and shoving their way past security, you probably didn’t notice that there was someone in the crowd that you may have seen before. 

West Virginia lawmaker took video of himself and other supporters of President Donald Trump rushing into the U.S. Capitol after they breached the security perimeter.

In the video by Republican Del. Derrick Evans, later deleted from his social media page, he is shown wearing a helmet and clamoring at the door to breach the building in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

“We’re in! Keep it moving, baby!” he said in a packed doorway amid Trump followers holding flags and complaining of being pepper sprayed. Once inside, Evans could be seen on video milling around the Capitol Rotunda, where historical paintings depict the republic’s founding, and yelled, “No vandalizing!”

State House of Delegates Speaker Roger Hanshaw said Evans will need to “answer to his constituents and colleagues regarding his involvement in what has occurred today.”

He said he has not spoken to Evans yet about his involvement.

The Wayne County delegate later claimed on Facebook that he was on his way back to West Virginia and “was simply there as an independent member of the media to film history.”

Maybe he just got caught up in the excitement and just happened to have the appropriate riot gear with him. I always keep a protective helmet and bulletproof vest handy, just in case.

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