A Burglar Broke Into An Old Woman’s Home And IMMEDIATELY Realized It Was A Big Mistake…

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Wearing no pants, an intruder chose to break into what he thought was a defenseless elderly lady’s house. But the thief was wrong and had to learn it the hard way.

Burglars get more confident the more success they have. What they don’t keep in mind, though, is that one day they’re going to break into the wrong home.

Gwendolyn Agard, a 79-year-old grandma from Jackson County, taught one burglar a hard lesson.

Gwendolyn had no plans to speak publicly about a February 12 incident in which a naked Georgia man allegedly broke into her home with a rubber mallet. Yet, after she learned many people online called her a hero, she decided to talk about the incident and explain why she took control of the situation.

At around noon on February 12, Gwendolyn called 911 to report the break-in.

As a firearm owner, Gwendolyn knew that she had to get to her guns so she could defend herself and her home. She owned both a .38 and a .45 caliber handguns. While Gwendolyn had hoped she would never have to use her weapons, this was the reason she bought them – to be able to defend herself from a young intruder intent on robbing an old woman of all her valuable possessions.

Gwendolyn gave the burglar a fair warning while speaking to the dispatcher, although her message was filled with a ton of profanity to get the point across.

“I said, ‘motherf*****, if you come any further, you’re a dead son of a b****’,” Gwendolyn told the outlet on Thursday.

The incident happened at Gwendolyn’s rural Jackson County home, off the 5800 block of Highway 82. Gwendolyn explained to the 911 dispatcher she was in her kitchen near her back door and had a gun with her. When she heard loud noises, Gwendolyn threatened the alleged burglar, identified as 20-year-old Hans Rogers.

Homeowner: “I’m watching the door that they were trying to get in. Ooh, they’re breaking glass…OK, come on! I got something for you!” (gunshot heard)

911 Dispatcher: “Ma’am, listen to me…ma’am, what was that noise?”

The dispatcher tried to get Gwendolyn to calm down but was interrupted by the sound of gunfire. The woman informed the dispatcher that the gunshot didn’t stop Rogers who instead climbed to the top of the home from the back outside stairs and started making a ruckus.

However, before he managed to enter the house, Gwendolyn already had her .38 revolver ready. Initially, she attempted to scare the individual away by way of a verbal warning, shouting, as she recollected:

“If you come in here, you’re a dead son of a [expletive]. That’s a promise.”

Nonetheless, the elderly lady certainly did not let the intruder know, making it clear that she was not playing games. Realizing she had to take it to the extreme, Gwendolyn picked up her .45 revolver.

As the intruder walked down the stairs, the harmless-looking senior citizen took him aback as she fired another shot, this time with the .45. He asked Gwendolyn if she was genuinely trying to murder him. She recalled the moment, expressing:

“I said, ‘Oh, you finally got the message.'”

Luckily, police soon arrived to find the almost naked intruder hiding in a closet. Law enforcement cuffed and charged him with breaking and entering.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn continues to live her liberty-full life, using her freedom to spend time with her children and grandchildren.

The grandmother admitted that these loved ones were at the back of her mind during the purported attempted burglary. Gwendolyn said they gave her the courage to stand her ground during the terrifying incident.

This phenomenal woman proves that whatever your age, you still have an immense pool of strength in you that never leaves, no matter how high the numbers climb.

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