2020 Could Come To An End With A War Of The Worlds

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In this unpredictable world we have found ourselves living in it would take something pretty crazy to shock us – especially here in America.

Our country has fallen into chaos, as a viral pandemic continues to rage while protests and riots erupt nationwide.  There are actual “murder hornets”, immense wildfires, and a presidential election that has gone completely off the rails.

So it really should come as no surprise that something not of this world would show up just as 2020 is about to come to a wrap.

One of the former fighter pilots who encountered a mysterious flying object off the coast of California in 2004 says the unidentified phenomena committed an “act of war” in the unexplained encounter.

Commander David Fravor witnessed the Tic Tac-shaped object perform extraordinary aerial maneuvers that no known human technology is capable of in November 2004. The former US Navy pilot said the UFO was unlike anything else he ever encountered.

Here is where things get real:

After landing, Fravor mentioned the UFO to a colleague, Chad Underwood, who successfully located the unidentified phenomena only for it to jam his radar. “He’s telling the radar, ‘Stare down the line of sight, whatever is there I want you to grab it and build a trace file on it,’ which will tell you where it is, how fast it is and the direction that it’s going,” Fravor explained to Fridman.

“The radar is smart enough that when the signal comes back if it’s been messed with, it will tell you – it will give you indications that it’s being jammed …. It’s being jammed into about every mode you can see … You can tell it’s being jammed,” he added.

“When you actively jam another platform, that’s technically an act of war.”

Fravor’s experience has spawned a renaissance in UFO research, particularly as officials at the Pentagon have admitted to taking up the mantle on account of his shocking encounter.

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