100 GOP Lawmakers Are Trying To Give Biden A Clue On How To Handle…

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And really this is just common sense but you can’t expect that from Biden. Over 100 GOP Lawmakers signed off on a letter to Biden telling him that he needs to quit daydreaming about a nuclear deal with Iran, and to wake to the reality that Iran has been playing him.

A coalition of more than 100 Republican lawmakers is calling on the Biden administration to abandon negotiations with Iran aimed at securing a revamped nuclear agreement, according to a letter sent Wednesday to the State Department and obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

“We write to urge you to immediately withdraw from the fruitless Vienna talks to re-enter the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and instead strongly enforce existing sanctions against Iran, particularly with respect to the oil trade between Iran and the People’s Republic of China,” the lawmakers write in a letter spearheaded by House Foreign Affairs ranking member Michael McCaul (R., Texas) and cosigned by 109 other lawmakers. “Further delay of action on this only further enables Iran’s malign activities, including their aggressive nuclear pursuits.”

As diplomatic talks resume after months of delays, Iran has greatly expanded its nuclear program, including its enrichment of uranium, the main component in an atomic weapon. Iran is now enriching and stockpiling highly enriched uranium, which can only be used for a bomb. This work has continued in the face of ongoing sanctions and opposition from the international community. Senior Biden administration officials have acknowledged in recent weeks that Iran is stalling negotiations while it advances its nuclear program.

“Iran is charging forward with its nuclear program, using advanced centrifuges and producing equipment for such centrifuges while stockpiling increasing quantities of uranium enriched at 20 percent and 60 percent purity,” the GOP lawmakers write. “Iran also continues to gain irreversible knowledge through this nuclear work. While the Administration has consistently indicated a willingness to negotiate toward a return to the JCPOA, Iran has made a return even less valuable for the [international community] as it makes greater nuclear gains and gets closer to the deal’s sunsets.”

The letter notes that Iran also refuses to comply with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s oversight work, blocking inspectors and preventing them from accessing contested nuclear sites. Iran’s intransigence is “further diminishing the world’s visibility on Iran’s nuclear program,” the lawmakers say.”

The GOP Lawmakers go on to suggest that the Biden Admin should heavily Sanction Iran to slow down their nuclear program. But really that’s not enough. Iran is going to have nuclear capabilities very soon, and if they are not going to come to the table and actually negotiate, then we need to take more decisive actions.


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