Woman Asks Ted Cruz To Take DNA To Prove He’s Human, Seriously

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Some random weirdo cornered Ted Cruz at an event and everything seemed to be going normally. She spoke of her age, her ailments, and mentioned how getting rid of healthcare.gov would bankrupt her… then it got weird.

“Will you pledge to submit to a DNA test to prove that you’re human?” asked Talpas.

Thankfully, Cruz is rarely phased by these ridiculous sorts of questions, he’s often the target of some dumb internet scam.

“Well, ma’am, thank you for that, and one of the great things about our democratic system is we can treat each other with respect and civility,” Cruz answered.

“Is that a yes or a no?” she pushed on, now I’m starting to think she’s serious and not just trolling him.

“Ma’am, if you want to engage in insults that’s your prerogative, but I’m not going to reciprocate,” replied Cruz. “Thank you for being here, ma’am.”

Some of this sort of crap goes a little above and beyond. There’s even a joke site called Ted Cruz For Human President that plays up on this sort of crap.

Even last year, liberal pub Salon posted a story (in jest I hope lol) posing questions of his “humanity”.

At some point, the wiring inside Cruz’s steel cranium went faulty, or maybe it was only after Cruz’s initial statement that a paranormal force took residence inside his soul, but now Cruz embraces Trump to the point of defending his dangerous behavior and reckless rhetoric. Cruz’s comfort with the man who demeaned his wife and slandered his father demonstrates an odd and disturbing lack of human emotion and attachment.


While scientists, with full funding from the federal government, examine blood, bone and skin samples from Cruz and closely examine his brain activity for signs of outside influence, Americans might want to consider the broader implications of human representation.

All human beings have destructive instincts and impulses toward violence, exploitation and cruelty, but with the exception of sociopaths and psychopaths, everyone also is naturally empathic, sensitive and generous to suffering people, especially when those people are the victims of events beyond their control.

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