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You don’t have to see a video or read a story about an innocent woman getting assaulted out of nowhere to realize that the system isn’t working for those it was designed to protect.

Mary Constantino, a radiologist from Portland, Oregon, should have been able to enjoy a Friday evening with a friend without worrying that a homeless man would hurl an aluminum water bottle at her head, knocking her out and bloodying the pavement on which she collapsed.

At a minimum, she was owed a speedy response by law enforcement.

But it took almost 30 minutes to receive police assistance, Constantino told Fox News. She added, “I do not hold the police accountable for this at all — I hold our city accountable for defunding the police.”

“We don’t have enough police force to protect our citizens, and we did this to ourselves,” she added.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

The Portland Police Bureau released surveillance footage of the random attack:

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

Constantino is putting her foot down. She told Fox she did not vote for a city commissioner who supported defunding the police, and she voted for the Republican candidate in Oregon’s last gubernatorial election.

Democratic politicians have failed Constantino and everyone else in Portland. They’ve prioritized their political agenda ahead of safety, leaving people to fend for themselves.

At the same time, they call for stricter gun control. But many people — especially women — are taking their safety into their own hands.

According to Voice of America, “new gun owners are more likely to be female,” and data suggests that “women accounted for about half of all gun purchases between 2019 and 2021.”

Leniency and excuses are the cornerstones of Democratic leadership. The hardened criminal gets off, and the average citizen pays the price. This is what is happening in blue cities across the country.

It’s not just your perception, either. On the Global Peace Index, the U.S. ranks near the bottom — 131st out of 165. We’ve fallen every year since 2016.

And, of the 20 most dangerous cities in America as ranked by Neighborhood Scout, only one has a Republican mayor.

You don’t need to be a genius to put two and two together. You only need to walk through the streets of San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and the like to see what Democratic leadership will get you.

In this atmosphere, no one wants to become a police officer because they aren’t protected, either. As Constantino pointed out, this leaves police forces short on bodies and capability.

This story is just one small example of the result of failed Democratic policies. The more we let Democrats get what they want, the more Mary Constantinos will be viciously attacked. It will continue unless we stop it.

Democrats may believe they are doing what is right. But the story of our nation is saying otherwise. And that story doesn’t have a happy ending.


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