What Cops Found In Their Freezer Had Them Vomiting Outside…..

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Nothing could have prepared police for the horrific sights they were about to witness when they were called to a home in Pennsylvania to check on the resident’s welfare. The resident informed police that he had found something even more “disturbing” in his father’s bed after displaying a “doll” in the freezer. The details are frightening, so be forewarned.

After they received a call from a family member who was worried about the safety and mental health of her cousin, Police were originally alerted to Donald Meshey Jr., a 32-year-old Lancaster, Pennsylvania man. Just before 9 a.m. on a Wednesday, a police officer responding to the report went to Meshey’s home, a small apartment in the 200 block of West Strawberry Street, to check on her wellbeing.

Donald Meshey Jr

Despite the dismal warning the worried family member had given the police, sadly, nothing could have prepared the responding officer for what they were about to witness. Meshey allegedly told the woman who called the police that he had a cadaver on a bed and a severed head in his freezer. She told the police that she had personally examined the house and had seen what she thought was the head of a family member in the freezer.

According to WGAL, Meshey stated escorting the responding officer to the kitchen in his flat after the officer knocked on the door and questioned him. He took something from the freezer there, which he said was a piece of a “cadaver doll.” Meshey had taken a white dinner plate out of the freezer and handed it to the cop with a human head on it. Meshey was then escorted to the Lancaster City Police Station to be questioned by detectives after the responding officer requested assistance.

However, as Meshey told detectives that he had made a “disturbing” discovery in his dad’s bed, things were about to get even more bizarre unfortunately. Admitting to stabbing the “cadaver doll” in the chest for two to three minutes with an eight- or nine-inch knife, Meshey claimed that he attacked the “doll,” he explained during the police interview that he found a “cadaver doll” in his father’s bedroom early the previous morning and the “doll” sounded and looked like his father.

Donald Lawrence Meshey Jr

In court documents, Meshey allegedly stabbed the so-called “doll” and then used a hand saw to cut the body into pieces. He then allegedly put the dismembered body parts, such as the arms, legs, and head, in rubbish bags and hid them in the basement. Police said that the next morning, he took the head from the cellar and placed it in the kitchen freezer.

Before using a dolly to transport the footlocker outside, where he placed it in a car, Donald Meshey Jr then put the torso in a garbage bag and placed it in a footlocker. The Daily Mail reported, “pieces of the dismembered body” were discovered “all over the house” by the time police responded to the call and carried out the welfare check.

The head was later determined to be human, and the coroner determined that it belonged to the suspect’s father, 67-year-old Donald Meshey, who had suffered multiple stab wounds before being dismembered. Donald Meshey Jr. was detained for the murder and dismemberment of his father. He was charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence when he was lodged in the Lancaster County Prison.

However, just six months prior to killing his father, this wasn’t his first run-in with the law. As reported by Lancaster Online:

“Meshey pushed a woman into some boxes, causing her minor injuries, at a home in Lancaster Township. He was charged with harassment and pleaded guilty May 5 before District Judge Mary Sponaugle. Sponaugle gave Meshey the option of enrolling in anger management counseling and completing six classes instead of paying a $50 fine and court costs of about $163.”

“You can’t imagine running into something like this,” Lancaster police Capt. Michael Winter told WGAL. “Obviously, it’s a traumatic experience for anyone to experience, including police officers, so yeah, it’s a horrific scene.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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