Wait, Now Liberals Are Saying That Certain Salads Are Racist….

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Woke, ignorant liberals just outraged at the museum for serving watermelon for Juneteenth.

After pictures were shared on the internet, People are criticizing the Indianapolis Children’s Museum also known as the “world’s largest children’s museum” for being racially insensitive for offering a dish called “Juneteenth Watermelon Salad” being sold in its cafeteria that costs customers a whopping $10 for the meal before the national holiday.

However, as it turns out it is only woke white people who are shocked as most blacks who celebrate the holiday say Watermelon is part of the celebratory meal.

According to many Blacks who celebrate the holiday, Watermelon is traditional food.

The prejudiced stereotype that black people enjoy watermelons originated during the post-Civil War emancipation period when Southern whites tried to cast the fruit in a negative light since it was produced and sold by free black people, and because freed slaves were able to make a living selling watermelons, many people who celebrate Juneteenth include watermelon as part of their holiday ritual.

Sadly, the trope still continues today despite being hammered in American society with songs like “watermelon, barbeque, and Cadillac cars” meant to insult black people. However, many Juneteenth adherents consume watermelon on this day, but it appears that white people were more offended by this than the black community.

“Racially insensitive salads. NOBODY BLACK ASKED FOR THIS!”, tweeted Jackson Moon, aka Jackson Adams, who posted shared a picture of the salad. As soon as it was shared, the Twitter post erupted with lots of criticism from users with one different white person agreeing, “This is horrible and racist.”

“This is what happens when a holiday is made federal,” Another wrote.

To the chagrin of many Juneteenth observers, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum has since apologized and announced it is removing the product after the post went viral with several white people criticizing the museum.

“The museum apologizes and acknowledges the negative impact that stereotypes have on communities of color. We have removed the salad from our menu. We value our relationships with all of our visitors and communities. We have learned from this experience,” the museum said.

They clarified they had planned a Juneteenth menu ‘as a way for us to raise awareness of the holiday’s meaning, and commemorate their own family traditions.”

“Red foods have historically been served by some to remember the blood that was shed along the way to freedom,” the spokesperson explained.

However, In a social media post, Moon stated: “It doesn’t have to be watermelon or kool-aid. Our food history is radical. Our food history is rich. Our food history connects us to Africa.”

She went on: “As the holiday is now recognized and companies are quick to jump on the bandwagon with offensive ice creams and decorations we must learn to safeguard our history and culture before it becomes twisted and unrecognizable.”

On Friday, Moon posted that “the museum deleted my comment suggesting they remove the salad but our people wouldn’t relent and eventually this was their response.”

According to FOX59 News, in a Facebook remark under a post from the museum promoting their Juneteenth Jamboree, Moon made reference to the answer given to Jonelle Slaughter, a separate visit to the museum who also uploaded a photo of the salad.

“So y’all decided ‘hey let’s celebrate by perpetuating offensive stereotypes’,” Slaughter stated. Y’all really thought this was a good idea?”

The $10 salad listed in the museum’s cafeteria includes a medley of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprinkled feta cheese, and chunks of watermelon.

It is unclear whether the food service partner is a black-owned business.

On June 19, “Juneteenth,” also known as Emancipation Day, honors the abolition of slavery for all Americans. It was established in 1865, following the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation to the remaining US-based slaves in the rebel state of Texas.

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