Trump Says He’ll Win in 1 Important State

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Trump States He’ll Win in 1 Critical State– And It Hasn’t Seen a GOP Win in Decades

Former President Donal Trump faced an uphill struggle when he revealed his campaign to regain the White House in 2024. From legal fights to relentless media attacks, Trump beat back the assaulters to win develop momentum and win big in Super Tuesday primaries.

Trump does not plan on stopping there, and no GOP prospect stands in his method. What he prepares to do is keep building momentum into November and win in areas not dominated by Republicans in years.

Key states that for many years have actually been a lock for Democrats in presidential elections now appear to be in play for Trump. He prepares to go all-in for one big win that would send out shock waves through the Democratic Celebration.

From the Daily Caller:
“I believe Virginia– we have that down now as a location we are truly going to go after. And I understand the surveys are very close to being even. And we are, we are going to make an extremely heavy play for Virginia,” Trump said.

“I believe I might’ve won Virginia previously, but now if you take a look at it, individuals are unpleasant there,” Trump said. “They are unhappy. The migrants are pouring into your cities and your locations and every location all over Virginia. It’s a much various location than it was.”

Trump stated the negative changes under the Biden administration the last couple of years have pushed Virginians to the brink in locations. The nation is a much different location, he said, after Biden’s failed migration policies and inflation that has actually annihilated the middle class.

These elements position Trump’s project differently than his last presidential election run, and he believes he can manage a success against Biden in Virginia. Despite current polls showing Trump moving higher versus Biden, history isn’t on his side.

No Republican has actually won Virginia in a presidential election because previous President George W. Bush in 2004. Biden beat Trump in 2020 in Virginia 54.1% to 44% and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat Trump in Virginia in 2016, 49.8% to 44.4%.

Trump leads Biden in most theoretical matches to this point and is ahead in surveys in swing states such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. Some surveys have him leading by double digits in these crucial battlegrounds.

Winning Virginia might create a path to gaining back the White House for Trump this November which is rapidly approaching.

“We have a lot of things going on in Virginia,” Trump said. “It’s an incredible state. And I think it is all set to go Republican politician. They can not stand the incompetence of watching what they’re doing right now and bearing with it.”



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