Trump Critic Shocked CNN For Praising POTUS

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A pretty major critic of President Trump, David Gregory, has shifted some of his views on the POTUS while on CNN this morning, calling Trump’s handling of Russia “sophisticated”.

“If you look at Russia, you know he’s actually doing some pretty sophisticated things here,” the former NBC News anchor stated. “Maybe embracing NATO is not something that Vladimir Putin is going to like, you know, so he’s taking steps to ramp up the pressure on Russia in a way that we didn’t think he was willing to do.”

“And aligning with China,” host Alisyn Camerota agreed. “That’s strategically smart.”

Of course CNN and Chris Cuomo wasn’t having any of it. He attempted to download Gregory stating, “He just sent 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria, and we’re not sure why.”

Ol’ GREGory though clapped back, “well you say we’re not sure why but he sent a strong political statement.”. Very strong indeed.


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