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Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, was at Bethune-Cookman University giving the commencement speech and was mercilessly booed and overall disrespected by the snowflakes in attendance.

The situation was so bad that it was nearly impossible to hear DeVos over the shouting at times.

“I don’t hate Betsy DeVos, but the fruit from the poison tree is poisonous. Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist, and my job as a preacher is to speak up against that. There’s no problem with a dialogue, but this is not a dialogue — it’s a monologue,” said Rev. Jeffrey Dove, an African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor who met with B-CU’s president, Edison Jackson, asking him to rescind DeVos’ invitation. According to Buzzfeed, he was outside, protesting with a sign that read, “No Justice, No Peace.”

“God is on our side, and when he’s for you, what does it matter who’s against you?” Jackson told reporters, refusing to budge. “We are always about the business of making new friends. Her department controls 80% of the revenue that comes into our school. Why wouldn’t we want to do that?”

According to the Daily Wire:

Roughly two minutes into DeVos’ speech, the boos got so loud that Edison Jackson, the college’s president, threatened to cancel the commencement ceremony and mail students their diplomas, saying, “Choose which way you want to go.”

Over a dozen graduates rudely turned around and showed their backs to DeVos as she spoke; some people in the crowd were escorted from the room with their fists raised in the black power symbol. When DeVos spoke about the “different life experiences” of those in the crowd, some shouted, “Hell nah,” according to Buzzfeed.

When DeVos mentioned her plans to visit the gravesite of the school’s founder and namesake, Mary McLeod Bethune, the boos got louder.



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