They Just Issued A Huge Ruling For Marjorie Taylor Greene!

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has been caught up in a ridiculous sideshow the last few months and the final phase of the Greene inquisition came to an end this week. After left activist groups spent weeks arguing that Greene needed to be removed from the primary ballot for “taking part in an insurrection.”

The groups have aggressively targeted GOP lawmakers, in an attempt to use the US Constitution’s prohibition against insurrectionists holding office to disqualify GOP candidates, however, on Monday; the activist groups suffered another setback when a judge in Georgia upheld Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s eligibility to compete for reelection.

They argued that Greene is not qualified to run because she encouraged an “insurrection” on January 6. The proof offered? The movie “Independence Day” clips, the fact that she used the term “1776,” and a text message in which she specifically declines to advocate for martial law are all examples of evidence.

The portions in the courtroom where Greene had to respond to inquiries about QAnon and alien invasions were entertaining, if somewhat tedious. The Georgia congresswoman’s eligibility to run for reelection has now been determined.

Judge Charles Beaudrot announced that Greene remains eligible to appear on the ballot. That sent the decision to the Georgia Secretary of State.

Later that day, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger agreed with the judge’s conclusions. In announcing his decision, he declared Greene’s qualifications to represent her district as a question “for the voters of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.”

“In this case, Challengers assert that Representative Greene’s political statements and actions disqualify her from office. That is rightfully a question for the voters of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a decision upholding an administrative law judge’s ruling.

This case seemed bound to finish in that way from the start, largely due to the absurdity of the concept. Democrats were attempting to “cancel” Greene by removing her name from the ballot rather than finding a method to defeat her at the polls. The claim of an exceedingly serious crime served as the foundation for the challenge.

The oddity of Georgia’s election laws that this case has helped to bring to light could lead to other issues in the future. Unknown provisions of those statutes allow any voter who is qualified to cast a ballot to contest a candidate’s eligibility by submitting a written complaint, which will result in a hearing before an administrative law judge.

As was evident at the administrative court hearing, the only grounds for questioning Greene’s qualifications were statements or content she made online. To put it another way, they were attempting to have her removed from the ballot due to political speech.

Greene has previously voiced her opposition to the case.This is the same evil playbook the dishonest Communist Democrats use against President Trump and his family. Now they are using it on me, because they know I’m effective and will not bow to the DC machine,” Greene said, “As I’ve said many times before, I’m vehemently opposed to all forms of political violence, I’ve never encouraged political violence and never will.”

Watch it here: Youtube/11Alive

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