There Are No ‘Safe Spaces’ in War

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Leftists are trying to destroy Western civilization by disconnecting it from reality. And it appears they are succeeding.

The U.S. Navy has produced a training video on the use of personal pronouns, according to The Daily Signal.

It is the first in a series called “NAVSpEAks” from the Naval Sea Systems Command Inclusion and Engagement Council. The training is supposed to “educate and empower employees to reach their full potential.”

The video’s hosts are Conchy Vasquez and Jony Rozon, both civilian engineers at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island. The two wear rainbow-themed clothing.

Almost four minutes long, the video was produced in June 2021 and then posted on May 23 of this year to the website of the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service. It came to public attention on Monday.


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The Navy is now coming under fire for attempting to train sailors how to “correctly” use personal pronouns and “inclusive language” to create “safe spaces” in the service.

The video is ridiculous to anyone equipped with a modicum of critical thinking skills. For one thing, there are no safe spaces in war. Sailors, soldiers and airmen should be trained to protect the U.S. from enemies like China.

For its part, China banned “sissy men” from television. Instead of “diversity, equity and inclusion” training, every university student in China is required to complete a military training program, according to Foreign Policy. The training is “fiercely ideological” and nationalistic.

The Chinese are laughing at us as they beat the drums of war. Why wouldn’t they? The whole world is laughing.

Is Western civilization doomed?

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In a telling moment in the Navy training video, Vasquez relates a story about a conversation she had with someone who believed that no one should be forced to refer to someone else by a particular pronoun.

“I was really taken aback by that comment,” Vasquez says. “It’s not about you at all — it’s mostly and ultimately about respect.”

Respect for whom…


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