The Left Causes Even More Violence To Break Out When They Antagonize Patriots At A Trump Rally

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The Black Live Matter extremists and Antifa are really out in the streets looking for a fight. Their only objective with their “protest” is to start riots and use it as an excuse to cause more damage and violence.

Over the weekend a group of these extremists decided to crash a pro-Trump rally that was being held in Beverly Hills. They went there looking for a fight and they found it.

Trump supporters gather at this location on a weekly basis to show their support for the president. The Trump supporters were in one area of the park when Antifa and BLM came over and started harassing them.

Fistfights broke out between the two groups in the middle of Beverly Gardens Park. The 200 pro-Trump activists clashed with several dozen BLM and Antifa thugs. This may have been a spillover from earlier events when BLM members painted a giant street sign at Hollywood and Highland just miles from where the fight was taking place.

Police eventually showed up and declared an unlawful assembly and cleared the area after heated arguments from the two groups turned in to shoving and then fighting.

At least one individual was sprayed with an unknown substance, but its unclear which group this person belonged to and according to Lt. Gene Kim of the Beverly Hills Police department there was only one arrest.

The truth about the Black Lives Matter movement and all the other idiot liberals is that nothing productive is getting done. All they want is to destroy everything that America stands for so they are labeled as terrorists and no one wants to negotiate with terrorists. They are not even worth negotiating with.

Do these extremists even know what they want? Until there is some unity and structure behind their purpose their “movement” will accomplish nothing.

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