The Amount This Woman Says She Lives On Per Month Is Absolutely Ridiculous…

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A mother’s love and dedication to her children, combined with her fierce determination to overcome life’s obstacles, created a story that inspired and warmed the hearts of those who heard it.

In the small town of Sherwood, Oregon, there lived a resilient and resourceful single mother named Michelle, fondly known as MJ. Her life was a rollercoaster of challenges and heartache, as adulthood seemed to throw everything at her. From paying bills and completing chores to following through with plans, MJ’s responsibilities only multiplied as a mother.

Her life, however, truly transformed after her divorce. She lost two homes in the process, and with her children nearing college age, she knew she had to do something to provide them with the best education possible. Determined to set a strong example for her little ones, MJ decided to embrace change and seek out an opportunity to improve their lives.

And so, the idea of building her very own home was born. She realized that the rent for her current dwelling was a staggering $1,600 per month, which made it difficult to save for her children’s college funds. She knew she had to change, and building her own house seemed like the perfect solution.

In the face of adversity, MJ worked double shifts and took on multiple jobs to cover her expenses. As she toiled away, she dreamt of the day she would have a paid-off, comfortable house for herself and her children. This vision fueled her determination, and she embarked on the journey to build a tiny home from the ground up.

The tiny home was not only cost-effective but also perfect for MJ and her children. She dubbed it “Empty Nest,” a nod to her current life circumstances. With her new living arrangement, she managed to cut her monthly rental payment down significantly, allowing her to put more money towards her children’s college educations and her retirement.

MJ’s life had been a series of unfortunate events – two divorces, building, and losing two houses. However, her perseverance and resourcefulness shone through as she built her first tiny home, utilizing cash and sponsorships to ensure she had a comfortable place to retire. But she didn’t stop there. MJ began building more tiny homes with plans to rent them out through platforms like Airbnb, creating additional income to support her family’s future.

“I built my first house, this house, basically using cash and sponsorships to make sure that I have a paid-for nice, comfortable house when I retire. Now I’m building a few more tiny houses that I look forward to renting like on Airbnb or a try it tiny or other VRBO kind of platforms and create some income so, that’s next,” She said.

Through her unwavering determination and ingenuity, MJ managed to lower her expenses to a mere $75 per month. Her journey was a testament to her strength and resilience as a single mother, proving that she could not only provide for her children but also serve as a role model for them.

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