Sigh… TBS Edited Out “Terrorists” From Back To The Future

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Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite movies, probably my favorite Trilogy (that’s right! come and get me LOTR and Star Wars nerds!). The 80s classic is full of good fun anyone can enjoy. Even today, millions of people are discovering it and loving it.

There are many great quotes that survive to this day like “1.21 JIGAWATTS!”, “GREAT SCOTT!” being used in pop culture.

And yet TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) feels the need to edit the move to be more “modern”. How? you may ask, well I’ll tell you… they’ve edited out the word “terrorists” and act like it was never said. And while it’s not a cuss word, sexually explicit, or even singles out a certain race, they decided that it needed censorship.

The following clip plays for you the original and then the edited version. If you listen closer you’ll not only hear that they’ve removed the word “terrorists” entirely but they’ve removed the word from the letter he’s writing as well.


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