Shocking Similarities In The Weinstein/Epstein Cases Could Lead To The Same Outcome

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Since Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of rape officials are scrambling to make sure that he doesn’t end up with the same fate as Jeffery Epstein.

New York officials are still facing heat after pedophile Jeffery Epstein was mysteriously found dead in his cell last year while in Manhatten lock up.

Weinstein has been convicted of rape and criminal sex acts for which he is facing up to 29 years behind bars. In preparation for his time there he has hired a “prison consultant” to help him get ready for jail.

Officials at the New York jail are not taking any chances with their newest high profile inmate. Weinstein is going to have his own personal call and a team of dedicated correctional officers watching him. The New York Post was told by one prison official, “Harvey is going to be isolated as much as possible and will always have a detail with him throughout the prison. He’s never going to be like other prisoners, able to walk down the hallway or sit in the canteen alone.”

He could even be moved to another prison away from New York.

Russo said, “He’s very high-profile and you can’t put him with somebody else.”

Even at Bellevue Hospital where Weinstein was taken after he was convicted because he claimed to be having chest pains special measures are being put into place. President of the Assistant Deputy Wardens/Deputy Wardens Association Joe Russo said that a jail captain is escorting him everywhere he goes. An elite emergency response unit is also there in case he tries to harm himself.

The entire jail hospital unit has been shut down to prevent any other inmates from running into Weinstein.

City Hall spokesperson, Avery Cohen would only make a brief comment, “he’s in our custody right now.” Which is true until he is sentenced.

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