Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Sassy!

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been filling in for Sean Spicer lately for the White House press briefings and clearly knows how to handle herself. From giving “sassy” answers to totally ignoring reporters, we think she has what it takes to be the next Press Secretary.

Here are a few of her greatest moments, thus far… and we suspect there’s still more to come.

As written by Amber Athey for Daily Caller:

Check out her five sassiest moments from Wednesday’s press briefing:

5. Completely Ignores A Reporter

When a reporter tried to ask an additional question, Sanders ignored her completely and called on the next reporter…twice.

4. Ask Stupid Questions Get Stupid Answers

A reporter asked if there were any more firings planned within the Justice Department, and Huckabee just laughed and said, “Not that I’m aware of today.”

3. I Think There’s A Two Question Limit

One reporter mentioned he had an additional question and Sanders sarcastically responded, “I think there’s a two question limit around here.”

2. Democrats Should Do Their Jobs

Sanders defended President Trump’s meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, arguing, “he should be meeting with the foreign minister…maybe [Democrats] should spend a little more time doing their jobs and we wouldn’t have all the problems that we do.”

1. Stop Asking The Same Thing

Sanders had no patience for reporters asking the same questions over and over on Wednesday. Eventually, she responded, “not to sound like a broken record, but since you guys keep asking the same questions I guess it’s only fair I keep giving the same answers.”

Sarah Sanders’ Sassiest Press Briefing Moments [VIDEO]


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