Robert Irwin Has An Eerily Familiar Encounter With A Massive Stingray

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Its been nearly 15 years since the legendary Crocidile Hunter, Steve Irwin, tragically lost his life while filming for a TV show in the Great Barrier Reef leaving behind a legacy that has been carried on thanks to his family.

Steve’s son, Robert Irwin, who was just a toddler when his father died, has followed in his father’s footsteps with a passion for wildlife and a fearless nature that have put him in some scary situations. For example, swiming with a gigantic stingray, the very same kind peirced his fathers heart with its long barb.

The 17-year-old was not only undaunted but excited, saying, “I get the honour of kicking off shark week on @discovery in the USA with ‘Crikey! It’s Shark Week’🦈 For the first leg of this epic adventure, I’ll travel to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef as a warm up before I go face to face with great white sharks at the Neptune Islands. From night diving with sharks on the hunt, to getting one-on-one with massive manta rays, it was a great way to start this expedition!”

Robert was daring, reaching his hand in front of the massive creature. The teen survived the adventure and said he’s pumped for kicking off Shark Week next month with a bang.

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