Louie Gohmert

What Rep. Gohmert Had to Say About Mueller Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert called out special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the Russia-collusion investigating say that Mueller is “dirty” and that the creation of the counsel was a ruse by the dishonest Comey.

Gohmert said that “there is so much collusion — real collusion in the Justice Department,” including “collusion between Comey and Mueller.”

“There is no collusion with this administration and Russia, so we can drop the independent counsel, special counsel, there is no further need and now that we have collusion between Comey and Mueller, before he testified, also ran things by other people in the justice department when they did their memo. so much collusion,” Gohmert said.

Mueller, Gohmert said, “should recuse himself from this matter. We don’t need a special counsel. That was a ruse, once again, by the dishonest Comey.”

Comey admitted that he leaked intel specifically for the special counsel.


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