Remember when Adults use to run government?

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The Government of West Virginia, Jim Justice, took a pretty radical route to showcase exactly what it’s like when dealing with bureaucracy. Presenting three serving trays, he opened them one by one as he spoke using his metaphor.

“We don’t have a nothing burger today, and we don’t have a mayonnaise sandwich today. We all should take ownership for this, “What we have,” Justice said, “is nothing more than a bunch of political bull you-know-what.”

And the what? well… watch the video.

“And for that very reason, I’m signing my veto on the budget bill.”

Of course someone had something negative to say about it. House Speaker Tim Armstead scolded the governor for vetoing what he sees as a “responsible budget”. He also called the dung prop “insulting to the people of West Virginia.” Don’t know if I agree with that. Seems like it’d be mighty effective.

And hey… props to staff member who collected it, right?

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