One 2024 Candidate Leads in An Absolutely Critical Category

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We are less than a year away from the 2024 primaries. Millions of Americans will go to the polls to decide who will run in the general election. Who Republicans select can mean the difference between saving America… and another four years of Sleepy Joe Biden.

There are numerous candidates currently fighting for the Republican nomination. The polls will continue to fluctuate, as we near January. But there is one metric that the biased media cannot distort. One that can reveal the kind of enthusiasm each campaign is enjoying. And one Republican is far and away dominating in this field.

From Daily Caller:

Former President Donald Trump has been leading his Republican presidential nomination rivals in small-dollar donations by a large margin…

Currently, 81.8% of donations to Trump’s campaign have been made by small donors…

Excluding Trump’s political action committees (PACs), of which he has several, small donations account for the bulk of the nearly $36 million that his campaign has raised since his announcement, according to FEC reports.

Dang. Donald Trump’s campaign is leading the charge in small-dollar donations. These are donations that are less than $200. They are normally made by regular Americans, not big-name donors.

At the moment, Trump is receiving much more small-dollar donations than any other candidate. In fact, 81.8% of donations made to Trump have been from small donors, amounting to a staggering $36 million.

Joe Biden can’t count on small-dollar donations to keep his campaign going. Few Democrats could. The left always seems to thrive thanks to massive donations, through dark money groups. It’s almost as if… they aren’t serving the American people, but the ruling elite!

The fact that so much of Trump’s campaign cash is from small donations tells us that many, many Americans are backing him. And it is a powerful rebuke to the Democrats, who seem to think they can derail the election with endless indictments.

Hard-working Americans, not rich elitists, are bankrolling Trump’s campaign. Democrats should be very scared. This means millions and millions of Americans are ready to flood the polls to get Trump elected.

All the indictments in the world might not be enough.


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