Noted Pervert Howard Stern Just Made A HUGE Announcement About the 2024 Election….

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Radio host Howard Stern now says he could throw his hat into the ring to run for president in two years on one condition: It all depends on if Donald Trump runs for President in 2024 or not.

The 68-year-old broadcaster announced that Grammy-winning actor Bradley Cooper will be his running mate.

“He said it’s done,” Stern claimed. “He wants it and he’s going to be my vice president.”

According to Stern, he texted Cooper about his executive ambitions while the Oscar-nominated actor was shooting “Maestro” in which he plays composer Leonard Bernstein. Stern claimed Cooper responded immediately Wednesday morning while sitting in a makeup chair. The movie has reportedly been filmed in New York City and Massachusetts. Stern cited Cooper’s “fantastic face” as a big asset in the pair’s unlikely campaign.

The SiriusXM host has a laundry list of plans on his political agenda, and, if he were president, the first thing he would take care of is the Electoral College.

Granted, the office of the presidency cannot terminate the Electoral College by itself, but it appears that is not going to stop Stern from trying.

“I am going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight: one vote, one person,” he said. “The only agenda I would have is to make the country fair again.”

Stern has frequently complained about his belief that former President Donald Trump did not actually win the 2016 election.

“A guy who lost the vote won the election,” Stern said. “How long can we keep electing people who lost the election?”

Aside from the Electoral College, Stern would also pack the Supreme Court, he said.

“The other thing is, if I do run for president, and I’m not f***ing around — I’m really thinking about it — because the only other thing I’m going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices,” Stern said.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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